andrew green - director

Hyundai: Kaka And Casillas

Hyundai: Kaka And Casillas

Hyundai: Kaka And Casillas

Three films, capturing the excitement and joy of a group of Hyundai competition winners who get to meet their footballing idols Kaka in Milan and Iker Casillas, in Madrid. 

Shot in a reportage style, using available light, following the fans from the time they arrive at the airport, through stadium tours to the moment of meeting their idols in a studio photoshoot.

A fast paced production, using lightweight Canon C300s, to get in and amongst the fans and record their emotions during this life changing moment.


Client: Hyundai

Agency: Goal Studios

Director: Andrew Green

Camera Op: Duncan Wright

Sound Recordist: Marcus Francis

Edit: Lee Wood

Graphics: Kerry Akif

Audio: Louis Morgan