andrew green - director

London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign

London Loves Cycling

London Cycling Campaign brand (16:9) and social (9:16) films shot on a Sony FX3, using prime lenses, as part of an "all bike" production. Crew on bikes. Cast on bikes. Equipment on Bikes.

Shot over a "relatively" bright weekend in February, it was a pleasure to make these films for LCC.

I wanted to make a love letter to cycling in London, from the people who do it everyday, to those who don’t. Because people that ride bikes don’t need to be told about the benefits of their daily ride, for their health, mental wellbeing, and the environment. They ride bikes for some or all of those reasons, but mostly they ride because it makes London smaller, turning what can be a daunting sprawling urban mass, into a manageable familiar series of neighbourhoods. 

But most importantly they ride because it brings them JOY. 

It makes them happy, and when you’re happy you want to share that with everyone around you. This film is our way of sharing that joy to as many people as possible

People on bikes saying riding bikes is great, join us.

These films are part of the London Cycling Campaign's ongoing commitment to ensure every London mayoral candidate is making provisions for cycling, not just to keep the status quo, but to do more.


DIRECTOR  Andrew Green 

PRODUCER Robert Tavernier

DOP Duncan Wright


SOUND OP  Lee Collins

RUNNER Nemo Antoniou

CLIENT: Rob Eves - London Cycling Campaign